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Material: ABS/ Body Safe Silicone
Charge Time: N/A
Battery Life: N/A
Control Type: Manual
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Easy to use, interchangeable weights for customization
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Luna Beads are used to enhance kegel exercises and strengthen the vaginal walls.





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6.2/ 10

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If you’ve got a set of conventional Ben Wa balls right now, be prepared to toss them out! Lelo Luna beads are wonderful, not only for strengthening the pelvic floor, but for really turning up the heat in the bedroom :-). Most Ben Wa or pleasure beads only come in one size; if you want something heavier or lighter, you need to buy several different sets. The Luna beads come as a set of two pairs of beads, the pink beads weighing 28 grams, and the blue weighing 37 grams. Because a soft flexible holder is included, it’s easy to combine two different sizes for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Unlike many kegel exercisers, the Luna beads don’t have to be used lying down; just wear them during the day, while leading a normal life. They produce a subtle inner vibration that varies with placement, weight and angle. Best of all, they’re totally soundless, so you can wear them everywhere! The kit comes discreetly packaged, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors. The Luna beads themselves are nicely boxed with a user’s guide and a well made travel pouch. The beads are very easy to clean as well. They are about 1/3 larger than they look in the pictures, which can be a plus if you’ve had a child or two. I personally prefer the larger diameter beads for that reason.

Of course Lelo offers a one year replacement warrantee, but they go one step beyond this already generous offer. The TEN year warrantee gets you a half off credit on any Lelo product, which is amazing! When it comes to feminine health and enjoyment, you should never settle for less than the highest quality products. The complete versatility, the high quality materials, and the convenience of use are all great reasons to treat yourself in this case. Your significant other will love the results, too!

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Luna Beads Warranty

Luna Beads are covered by a 1 (one) year manufacturer’s warranty. The 1-year warranty covers Luna Beads up to one year after the purchase date. If there is a problem within this time you can claim and receive a free replacement.  

What do Luna Beads come with?

  • Premium color coordinated packaging
  • 2 28-gram beads
  • 2 37-gram beads
  • Retraction leash
  • Silicone girdle
  • Satin storage pouch
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10 Year Guarantee


What do Luna Bead owners think?

I love Luna Beads! They are easy to use and you can wear them around without anyone knowing that you have them in. I have definitely noticed a difference in my orgasms since using Luna Beads. My only issue with them is that when you remove them sometimes it can be a little painful. That’s why I gave these a 4 star rating instead of 5 stars. They are very easy to clean, easy to use and you can use them discreetly. It also supplies a vibe when you move to remind you to squeeze the Luna Beads. You never forget that they are in there with the vibrating.

~By Lisa

Where To Buy Luna Beads

sextoysovernight.com / adameve.com 

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